Days Of Creation


«Days of Creation» relates as a vice versa to the «Book to Building» project. This time I had to transform a building into a book.I picked St.Paul’s Cathedral. The developer of St’ Paul’s was an astronomer and left hidden symbols and codes at throughout the cathedral. For example the cupola is 365 Ft, connected to the number of days in a year. The final piece invites you to discover the days of creation.Inside there are 6 cards and an infinite moon calendar. The packaging is based on the floor plan of St. Paul’s. The cards demonstrate the process of the creation of the world — first light, then water and so on. All together they form the complete picture of the world. There is no card for humans, because you represent them in this case, similar to the philosophy present in the cathedral mosaics.That person who visits the cathedral is the final detail of creation. Such as the person who holds this book is the final part of it.days-3days-2days-7days-5days-1days-4days-6