Freemason’s London Guide


There are numerous books and stories about freemasonry. Some say that freemasons are servants of satan; others that they are looking for the truth and their aim is to get ‘The Great Knowlege’. Freema- sonry originates in the end of XVI century.But again there are a lot of theories about how freemasons first appeared.Indeed one fact is clear — conspiracy has always been linked with freemasonry.Hidden in London there are old, secret meeting places of masonic loges.Take a journey through the oldest taverns in an attempt to uncover their mystery…

This Project about secret places of meeting masonic loges consist from set of cards with images on the front side and random (as you can think from the first view) letters on the revers side.There is also a plastic card with image of constellation of compasses which you can use to get the name of tavern. In atteched booklet you can find adress and interesting facts about particular place.

If you put the plastic card on a lettered side and start to turn it you will see how letter by letter the name of tavern will be revealed.

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