The Minute Of Silence


This project is a research on the sound of silence, mutilation and quiet London places.

Have you ever noticed, that there are plenty venues where you come to hear noises, to be surrounded by buzzing crowd, to be carried away by music. Places where you come to speak or to listen? There are other kinds of places, very special, hidden from the outer vociferous  world. You come here to be silent, to be involved in your own inner dialogue with something, someone. No matter what you think, which God you pray to, whom you mourn, it is at this point you’re given a chance to look inside yourself… to be yourself. Have you ever noticed the quieter the outside world the deeper ocean on inner emotions?

While working on this project I spend quite a while collecting silences, recording sounds in various places. Until I found one that says it all. As planned, on the 19th of March, 2016 I went to the St.Pancrass Old Church to make some recordings as this place is known to be silent. When I stepped into the grey lithic church I saw a woman. She was sitting in front of the icon in complete silence. When I came closer I could hear her chocking back tears, she was crying. The heavy church bell rang twice. I recorded for a while, freezing this moment forever, the moment of inner, unbearable sorrow of one unknown human being.

After I extracted a minute from this recording and made an object, a 3D tribute to silence and all this intangible, mental things that it contains.

Perspex, Stainless steel.

Church1-L1-full2-minuteofsilence1-minuteofsilenceDSC_0017 copyfull view