The Church


This Object is a first part of a “Book to Building-Building to Book” project. As you can already under- stand the idea is to translate one strucure ino another. Here I made a “building” out of the book. I pick- ed The Bible. The Bible is devided into the New and Old Testaments, containing 27 and 39 “books”. In this project I only was working with the “New Testament”. The structure of the “New Testament” is ve- ry logically beautiful. It is devided into 27 “books”. The “books” devided into chapters and chapters de- vided into verses. What I’ve done, I made 27 plates each for each “book”, each plate has a number of stairs which is similar to the number of chapters and holes that go down are same to the number of ve- rses in each chapter. Everything arranged in a cross shape, four massive pieces in the center are The Gospels and other pieces around are also logically placed parst of The Bible. By examining the sculptu- re, comparing it to the book, you can discover which plate stands for which part of the “New Testament”. It can be called as infographic project as I worked with information and figures, giving them shape.


Varvara_Zelenko_The Church2Varvara_Zelenko_The Church-1Varvara_Zelenko_The Church31-Recovered