Time Experiments

Object, Performance

Time is all around us, we can’t see it, sometimes we can feel it. Sometimes it runs very fast, sometimes it goes deadly slow. Just think how strange and magical this subject is! That’s why I chose time for my experiments.

For this first experiment I made a clock which is showing all time at once. This clock  has 12 hour arrows and 60 minute arrows meaning that it shows all possible day and night time from all over the world at the same time. It is a real working model. What I wanted to show is the absurdity of time. The absurdity of measuring time with arrows and figures.


1-All time


In this experiment I depict a deep thought, worth remembering — the time, no matter how we measure it, is running out. I improved the hourglass; Made it more realistic. You can’t turn back time and start over and over again as in a hourglass; Once it runs out it will never come back.




If there were no rules of how to measure time then why not try to measure it with myself?

So I turned to the clock. I isolated myself from all sorts of things that can tell me the time for 3 hours. I sat in front of the camera and every 10 minutes, changed the written figures.

Then I counted the difference between my perception and the real time and figured out that in the end I was only 10 minutes earlier than the real time. So, I was relatively precise.

It is worth noticing that I wasn’t counting minutes at all and after some time caught myself thinking of how many times I can breathe in 10 minutes, how many thoughts I can think, how many people can pass by. In just 3 hours I came back to basic things.