Автор: varvarazelenko

The Minute Of Silence

This project is a research on the sound of silence, mutilation and quiet London places. Have you ever noticed, that there are plenty venues where you come to hear noises, to be surrounded by buzzing crowd, to be carried away by music. Places where you […]

Time Experiments

Time is all around us, we can’t see it, sometimes we can feel it. Sometimes it runs very fast, sometimes it goes deadly slow. Just think how strange and magical this subject is! That’s why I chose time for my experiments. For this first experiment […]

CSM Degree Shows Identity 2016

This concept of the degree show identity represents diversity of creative directions at Central Saint Martins. I created 24 icons, each representing one of the CSM courses (e.g. fashion, fine art, graphic design e.t.c.). Then to show the idea of collaborations and experiments within people […]

Wearable Fume

Emissions are an everyday accessory of a modern person living in a city. They smother you, coil around you and penetrate your lungs. These scarves are a tangible embodiment of what’s happening everyday, concealed from our eyes. Each scarf is packed in an envelope in […]

Days Of Creation

«Days of Creation» relates as a vice versa to the «Book to Building» project. This time I had to transform a building into a book.I picked St.Paul’s Cathedral. The developer of St’ Paul’s was an astronomer and left hidden symbols and codes at throughout the […]

The Church

This Object is a first part of a “Book to Building-Building to Book” project. As you can already under- stand the idea is to translate one strucure ino another. Here I made a “building” out of the book. I pick- ed The Bible. The Bible […]

A Debatable Publication

This publication is a result of a team work. It based on weekly Design debates which is the part of university program. In a group we were thinking about the format and process of the debates and came to the conclusion that the debates is living, constantly changing thing. This is what […]

The Book Of Sleep

This Book of Sleep explains how human sleep is work. Our sleep divided into two cycles — REM and N-REM. Those cycles repeating one after another during the sleep. The book is also divided into two parts ( one for REM and one for N-REM […]


This ABC based on 6 different typefaces, which I created during the experementation with letters. The main idea and goal was to see how far you can push the letterform, make it abstract but still reco- gnisable. The ABC is screenprinted and made in a […]

Disconnection Game

This is a very personal project as I, myself, am in a situation where the people I love are far away, and the Internet is the only way for us to communicate. I was wondering how it is kind of like a children’s game, trying to reconstruct pixels and […]

London Museum Quiz

This Quiz is an easy, funny and friendly way to help tourists to decide which London museum to go. May work as a pocket guide, mobile app or poster. Screenprinted.